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Sybal-Heim App: Kiara Devlin by TheSpellboundFox
Sybal-Heim App: Kiara Devlin
Name: Kiara Devlin

Nicknames: Ghost

Age:  300-ish (She stopped counting when She realized she wasn't aging.

Physical Age: 24

Height: 5'

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Right: Blue /Left: Green

Faction: Disciple  

     Kiara  originally believed that Sybal-Heim is actually 
Niflheim. She believed she is here to train for Ragnarök as she didn't get to prove herself in Midgard, and that Basileus the Organizer is a judge. Should she prove herself she will be welcomed into Valhalla to wait the battle. After many years she realized that Sybal-Heim is its own world. However her feeling about training for Ragnarök and Basileus judging her have not changed, As such she is loyal to Basileus and will happily die in battle for him to prove herself.

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Kiara spends her days training those who want to learn to fight. She has spent her time learning any and all forms of combat from various inhabitants and uses this knowledge to teach. Nights are spent at the various fight pits either competing or teaching others to control their own Sybal forms.

Sybal Form: Scáil an Bháis (Shadow of Death)

    Sybal form is 8' with a 24' wingspan. Appearance wise she looks like a combination of a Cat Sidhe/Berserker/Valkyrie.
 Despite her size she is not as heavy as she looks (hollow bones and such. Covered in black fur with raven wings and a giant hawk skull helmet and bone armour. The skull and armour are not actually bone but some material with diamond hardness/steel strength like properties. Physical strength and speed double. She can fly with the wings but not for long. The bone wings can be used to attack or defend like a second set of arms but she can't pick anything up with them. Bird skull is like second head and increases field of vision to 360 degrees.  Often clumsy when not fighting. Cannot stop or turn quickly when sprinting full force. Extended flight is very taxing. Gets double vision from looking through skull eyes. Often has a long scythe with her. 

Sybal Power: Summon Familiar 

    She can call forth a demon familiar. The skull and bones pull from her to give the being physical form. She can see/hear everything it can. From any distance. She can even speak through it. She is not as strong or fast separated from it. She also loses the defense of the skull as a helmet and the bones as armour. Meaning her hollow bones are more likely to break. She can still fly though, easier than before even. Dexterity and speed increases in this state. 

Docile or Feral: Docil/Circumstantial Feral

    She is Docil for the most part because she has control over her emotions and Sybal form from years of practice/training. However should you piss her off or she becomes overly emotional her control slips and she becomes feral. She has no control of her actions and cannot regain control until knocked out and she reawakens or if she is completely drained of energy to the point of near death.


    Most people like Kiara and have no idea why. She mostly keeps to herself when not training people. She never has much to say. Believes actions speak for themselves. But even though she doesn't speak often does not mean she is not an excellent conversationalist when the subject interests her. She is more than willing to help out the few people that she likes and calls friends, to the point of giving them her last apple. Stupid people annoy her and she believes that hard work is all that is needed to get by in the world. Well that and a mean right hook. Prefers not to actually fight unless all other options have been used. Words first, fists only as last resorts.  

     Mother was a celtic witch. Father was a viking raider turned pirate. As a small child she had dark hair and bright blue eyes. However bad luck followed her. Deaths and destruction were quite common wherever she was. Her mother claimed she was possessed by an evil spirit and sought help to remove it when she was 5. During the ritual something happened and no one is sure what. It was during a great storm at which time Kiara, her mother, and the druid performing the ritual disappeared for a month. Kiara and the Druid returned with her mother's dead body. Kiara remembers none of it and the druid refused to say, but her hair was now silver and she had a green eye in place of her left. 

    Without a mother her father raised her as a pirate. She traveled with him on his ship, content to fight and be one day be admitted to 
Valhalla. Because of her small size and dexterity, he used her to gain access to locked spaces. She earned her nickname because she seemed to walk through walls because no lock could keep her in or out. She also used her debating skills to talk her father, and later herself, out a sticky situations.  

    During a storm much like the one where she lost her mother the ship she was on sank. As she was pulled beneath the water she thought that she couldn't die like this. Drowning, rather than in battle like an honorable warrior. Strangely enough her last thought before she blacked out was of her mother who she hadn't thought of in years. 

    She washed ashore on some island, where the Traveler's Forest appeared before her. Unsure of what was happening but knowing she had to follow the strange feeling she was experiencing she entered the forest.

Will probably flesh this out more as I continue to develop her story.

Additional Info: More to be added - maybe.


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